Michael MÜNCH is a master carpenter, designer and artist. And he is an ambassador for his creations. 
In a world that too often subordinates itself to the mainstream, stands with its furniture design for the fulfillment of desires for individuality, exclusivity and uniqueness.

For Michael Münch, design means having the courage to think and go new ways.
Thus he created the furniture design "M-BOX". It is the medium that transports design and art at the same time, arouses emotions and uniquely embodies individuality and otherness.

Because it's not about following trends or setting trends; communication with people or a group - through his and with his furniture design - is his vision. The M-BOX is alive. It has one shape, one size and "speaks all the languages of the world".

Like an object of art, each piece of furniture represents a unique piece that bears the unmistakable signature of the designer, and literally, because each piece is handmade.
His own creative enthusiasm and collaboration with creative people, also from other nations and cultures, is the basis of his work.

Michael Münch believes in the individual, in the free development of the individual. Everyone is allowed to perceive things differently than his fellow human being.
With a successful symbiosis of art and design, the furniture designer defies norms and boundaries.

"For me, art and design are the ideal means of communication to connect everyone, to get the dialogue going and keep it alive."


Michael Münch's personal concern is to express life philosophy with his designs. To give people the courage to be "ART to be" - SIMPLY YOURSELF.

With the M-BOX, this has been achieved. It's not just about utility. Its furniture satisfies the desire for aura, attitude to life and to live dreams. Just as every M-BOX always has the same format, the same dimensions, its "shape" is the same as people, all are one in "physique". The differences appear only in the personality, worldview, religion and attitude to things. The M-BOX then reflects this "character" in your surface design.

"Tailor-made", the M-BOX is thus created for the person who wants to own it.

"My designs are an irresistible invitation to all who value emphasizing their own personal style. Therefore, no two pieces of furniture art are alike. With each one reflects the personality of the person."

And that Sullivan's formulation "form follows function" - the form follows the function - is not to be followed in the sense of a hierarchical principle, Michael Münch's handmade masterpieces prove.  Each of his objects represents a collector's item that delights the heart and soul, filling the space with craftsmanship and emotionality.

So according to MÜNCH: „form follows function and emotion“.



Mensch Box | Möbel Box | Manufaktur Box | Meisterwerk Box | Meisterstück Box | Multikultur Box | Medium Box

Mutige Box | Mitreißende Box | Musische Box | Makellose Box | Markenzeichen Box | Moderne Box | Motivierende Box

Mahnmal Box | Mannigfaltige Box

With another furniture design line M-BOX "for all nations" MÜNCH Furniture Design hits the nerve of the time.

The M-BOX „for all nations“, designed and individually manufactured by master craftsmen, in the respective national colors of all nations, stands for a statement:

Design for people connection and understanding

Worldwide, the M-BOX "for all nations" - starting from Germany - is to promote the idea of dialogue between people - cultures - religions - nations.

M-BOX "for all nations" Handmade in Germany

THE "MESSAGE" of the M-BOX “for all nations”

The M-BOX "for all nations" (FAN), designed and individually manufactured by master craftsmen - in the respective national flags of all nations - is a communicator and ambassador and stands for a statement:

MÜNCH Furniture Design for international connection and understanding -
talking to each other creates trust and understanding!

"The M-BOX "for all nations" with its story is the ideal communication tool to connect all people, to get the dialogue going and keep it alive. " Michael MÜNCH / MÜNCH Furniture Design.

Flags today can no longer be limited to rulers, military regimes and governments. Flags are part of our lives, ambassadors representing a state, a city, an international organization or any other institution.

And there are people behind these flags; who in turn make up a nation!

Worldwide, the M-BOX "for all nations" (FAN) by MÜNCH Furniture Design is intended to "advertise" the idea of dialogue between people - cultures - religions - nations. It is a communicator and promoter of dialogue. A symbol that despite all national differences, the human being in itself is the greatest common denominator.

The idea to reflect the colors of the nation(s) in the form of a "3D flag" in a functional piece of furniture art was born from the philosophy of furniture design "M-BOX" by master carpenter and designer Michael MÜNCH. The individual furniture design has always stood for:

"This is me - I am important and unique - this is my style/taste".

Thus, the design art M-BOX "for all nations" (FAN) by Michael MÜNCH not only "enlivens" living, lounge and living space, but also stands for the dialogue of the peoples of this world; the people of this world.

M-BOX "for all nations" (FAN) - design description: Sideboard

The M-BOX "for all nations" is a piece of furniture art designed in flag design all around. Since national flags or national coats of arms are different, the M-BOX "for all nations" (FAN) is always created anew. Doors, drawers, surfaces and interiors are newly created for the respective nation.
This creates an incomparable furniture design for each nation.

An illuminated glass base gives the "flag" its floating appearance. The 360° design allows a representative presentation from all sides.
The M-BOX "for all nations" (FAN) is therefore also suitable as an exclusive room divider or as a standing desk. You can determine the functionality and design of the M-BOX "for all nations" yourself. There are no limits to creativity, for example from a mirrored bar compartment to a 24-carat gold-plated surface. You yourself determine how your "flag" should look.


M-BOX “for all nations” – HUMAN DIGNITY

"The M-Box "for all nations" with its story is the ideal communication tool to connect all people, to get the dialogue going and keep it alive." - Michael Münch | MÜNCH Furniture Design.

With the M-BOX "for all nations", we have launched a globally active initiative that stands for international understanding and connection. With which we like to bring people and companies together. We want to create and live a network, together with like-minded people in thinking and acting - and this in order to do good; also in mutual knowledge and benefit from each other.

The photos below show the M-BOX USA, one of the many flags from the M-BOX "for all nations" collection. 

Please also inform yourself about our INITIATIVE M-BOX "for all nations" - Human DIGNITY 

M-BOX "for all nations" Referenzen


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